Teen Media Panel Signup

Welcome to The Teen Media Panel at MediaScience! This site is operated by MediaScience and is used solely for our current research panel members from The Media Panel to register their 13 to 17 year-old children to participate in an upcoming study. If you are not a member of The Media Panel, and you are 18 years of age or older, you may visit www.TheMediaPanel.com for more information on becoming a member. If you have received an invitation to register your teenager, please answer the following questions with your teenager present.

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  • If the parent/guardian is not a current Media Panel member, please register at www.themediapanel.com to immediately acquire this number. You can return to this page from a link that will appear below your new Member ID.
  • For this study, we will be collecting physiological data in the form of skin conductance, also called galvanic skin response (GSR). This method measures changes in sweating using two small electrodes on two fingers. For this measure, we need to know if the participant has any medical conditions or is on long-term medication. If so, the individual may still participate, but will not be asked to provide this data.

  • As explained in the email sent to the parent or legal guardian, we ask that the parent or legal guardian accompany the Teen Panel Member to her appointment in our facility. The parent/legal guardian will be asked to arrive and leave with the teen, and will be allowed to monitor the session (but not required). However, this means that both the Teenage Panel Member and parent/legal guardian must be available at the same day and time. We will contact the parent/legal guardian to schedule the appointment.